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I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. Dr. Conicello shared “What Time Tuesday?” with us a couple months ago in Atlanta. That night I read it cover to cover and cried all the way through. As an upper cervical doctor I have always understood intellectually the effects of a subluxation on your body. But after reading your story I truly understand and have taken to heart what a life of severe pain can be like. Just today I had a patient cry while telling me she just needs a glimmer of hope that she will find relief. My wife, Dr. Amy Besso, and I opened our own office in Stow, OH (The Besso Clinic) on October 3rd.

Before we even opened we received a call from a person with Meniere’s Disease. He was given “What Time Tuesday?” by a co-worker and wanted to know if we could help. He had suffered with Meniere’s vertigo attacks for about 19 years and had lost most of the hearing in one ear. He had tried everything and found no relief. I am happy to share that after a couple weeks of care he now has 70% of his hearing back!! He would have never found relief if his co-worker kept the good news to himself.

This book has led to a few referrals already (in our first month!) and has given HOPE to all of our new patients. Daily we have patients ask for an extra book to share with a friend and we just ordered our second case. Thank you for sharing your story in such a profound way and for bringing hope and encouragement to so many people. To those of you who are reading this I strongly recommend getting this book. You will not be able to measure how far reaching this message of hope will go.

Dr. Geoff Besso

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