Alternative Chronic Pain Relief Solutions

Alternative Functional Health Care pain relief options


We believe that Upper Cervical Care is the foundation for chronic pain and health issues. However, we realize the complexity of the human body may need the synergistic benefit of multiple sciences for complete health.


  • Laser , LED or UV light therapy removes inflammation and improves vaso dilation, while repairing nerve damage, muscle and ligament tears, meshes old scar tissue with muscle fiber; relieves residual chronic pain
  • Local massage therapists may remove blocked inflammation and aid in pain relief
  • Homeopathic or Naturopathic Functional Health Care options
  • Nutritional Supplementation and Pain Relief gels (use coupon code 30005 for 35% discount on checkout page)
  • Handheld light option

    Handheld light option

    vitamin-B-200x300-200x300  vitamin-prostate-200x300  vitamin-clarity-200x300  vitamin-coconut-200x300  vitamin-Omega3-200x300Garden Nectar minerals

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    Non-invasive UV light replaces UBI to clean blood and reduce or remedy symptoms from parasites, virus (like Mono, Wilkes Barr), nemotodes (like Lymes)

    High power  LED frequency unit

    High power LED frequency unit

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