Q. How is the analysis of chiropractic different with a UC DC?

A. UC DC takes precise x-rays of the head to body communication area, the neck bones, and evaluates the relationship in a manner specific to the technique. The UC DC will usually use head clamps when doing the x-rays. He/she will always show you the x-rays and explain where the misalignment is.

Q. What criteria should I use when choosing a UC DC?

A. We have successful anecdotal stories from people from every technique. Sometimes chronic pain conditions do not respond as well to some techniques, as to others. Sometimes the person needs a more experienced analysis or even different technique analysis. Those are rare cases, but do occur.

Additionally… Our recommendation is that you go to the closest UC DC. IF you do not get the end result you desire, after trying the alternative science tips we suggest, then consider the following points:

  • Have you given your body time to heal/respond to the correction? A rule of thumb in the industry is healing takes 1 month for each year since original trauma. Chronic pain has taken years for the body to deteriorate to the point of exhibiting pain. So, be patient, and remain hopeful.
  • List ALL symptoms before you are corrected. Review that list each month and cross off the symptoms that are no longer evident. Most people are amazed at how much their health has improved each month. Innate heals the symptoms in the order it chooses. You may have improvement in 10 areas, and still not have what you went in for. Be patient! Be thankful! Innate is making progress.
  • Consider other factors: Do you drink adequate water each day? Inflammation causes pain. If your body is trying to remove toxins, and you do not have adequate hydration, inflammation results, causing pain.
  • Do you have proper nutrition and nutrients? White flour, gluten, sugar, milk can create allergens that can lodge in your joints and cause pain like arthritis. WATCH your diet, removing gluten foods, sugar, white flour and note if the joint pain decreases. If it does, your pain is diet and cannot be totally ‘fixed’ by Upper Cervical care. Some people have mineral deficiency’s that do not allow organs to function correctly. We take Fulvic minerals daily.
  • Do you get adequate rest or sleep? If you try to get by on less than 6 hours of sleep pr night, it is difficult for your body to complete the cycle of healing. TURN OFF electronics, cell phones and laptops 1 hour before retiring and see if you don’t go to sleep faster.
  • Research water PH and consider investing in a PH booster like Cell food or Fulvic Humeric minerals. (Check our store for additional products to raise PH.) Most tap water has a 5.0-6.0 PH. Our bodies need 7.0 for optimal health.
  • Do you have a lot of stress in your life? Some stress is good, but too much causes tight muscles which disrupt the head/neck balance. Try to de-stress through meditation, counseling, music, reading, prayer, etc.
  • Consider utilizing PEMF, class iv laser, photonic light frequency or UV Theralumen treatments
  • If none of the above helps you hold your correction, or reduce the symptoms, or if existing or new symptoms become worse over time, consider seeing a different UC DC.

** Ask for new x-rays or that current x-rays be analyzed by a UC DC with more experience. Most doctors have someone they submit x-rays to for advanced analysis to check their markings.

Begin your search by:

1. Reading reviews on other UC DC’s in the area on Google

2. Ask Questions:

Request experience and certification level, years in practice, recommendation from UC DC’s in his technique field

3. Study the techniques and decide which may serve you better (Greg Buchanan has lots of research on his site upCsine.com

4. Pray about who to see next

5. Sit in the waiting room and visit with other people there

6. Read the testimonial letters from patients in the office or watch website videos

7. ASK for a personal recommendation from your UC DC or someone you trust

Q. What does the correction feel like?

A. The correction is not a jerking motion to the right, left and back again. It is specific motion with hands or by an instrument on either the right or left side of the neck. Some people say they felt nothing, while others feel a rush of energy. Either way, everyone notices improvements in life quality and reduction of symptoms in a short time.

Q. Are all my symptoms ‘retracing’ after my initial correction?

A. Innate will take your body through a process of retroactively repairing every nerve, muscle, organ etc. that’s been affected since the original trauma. Most people feel small pain tinges or muscle spasms in different parts of their body as the spine untwists or ‘retraces’ the pattern it went out on.

Patients who have severe painful conditions for months after an adjustment may be suffering from something else. It is wise to consider alternative therapies to reduce symptoms. If they persist, consider a second opinion.

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