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Thanks for the invite. I do not know what will happen but, if I can, I will. The Lord is my spirit and guides me on his path. Thank you so much for writing “What time Tuesday”. If that book was not given to me by a loved one who thought about me and my MS condition, I would have never found out about Upper Cervical, yall and the Qualls. I was well aware of my crooked ears/head but never gave it a thought,  Be blessed and thank you Rhonda and James Tomasi.

Just a quick little comment from one of my patients, “I read that little book, but I don’t want to pass it on to anyone else…I like it too much!” Of course I told her to take a few more to hand out!

After reading your story I truly understand and have taken to heart what a life of severe pain can be like. Just today I had a patient cry while telling me she just needs a glimmer of hope that she will find relief.

James & Rhonda,
Just wanted to say thank YOU for writing the book “What Time Tuesday” It saved my life. It was the only hope I had. I am free NOW from that neuralgia. Earl, a guy that goes to our church is pain free now also after two years in pain so bad he couldn’t work. He is a new person. Dr. J.L. R in OKC treated us and it is gone! I just can’t believe what he has done for so many of us. I lost track how many people are going there because of what he has done for us. Amazing. Myrna Jacobs, OK UC Advocate

James and Rhonda Tomasi,
Dr. Qualls gave me your number and said that I could call you to discuss your contributions to Upper Cervical Care. Your book is very moving as well as inspirational. As you might have been told, I was diagnosed with R/R MS 6 1/2 years ago. Because of your book and your wife’s continued support to see you through your TN, I truly believe that GOD himself has touched me again. On December 11,2003 I found myself at the gates of hell (suicide) with Satan inviting me in. I was ravaged by repeated attacks of MS numbness in both feet, the left leg, both hands and most of all my short term memory. A few months later, optic nutritious sat in and left me partially bind for several months.


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  1. Patients LOVE what Time, tuesday book

Hi Rhonda and James, I wanted to send you a note to let you know the new book is amazing, of course! We have been including them in our new patient packets and the response has been phenomenal. It starts our relationship off on the right foot. Patients are understanding early on in their care, that Upper Cervical can help with serious, even organic conditions.





This order size is perfect for the young Upper Cervical office wanting to share the story with patients.

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The ‘what Time, tuesday?’ book is an encouragement for victims of TN or facial pain who have searched for a non-invasive option unlike Nuerotin, Dilantin, Oxycontin or surgery.  It is the story of James Tomasi’s struggle with the crippling facial pain of tic-De la rou or trigeminal neuralgia.

The author shares his poignant struggle, and over whelming joy following liberty from ‘the beast’ pain. It is a MUST SHARE book for anyone suffering chronic pain or other health problems.


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