How is Upper Cervical Care different than other types of chiropractic care?

Upper Cervical Care corrects the underlying causes of health problems without the use of drugs or surgery.

Furthermore, in recent years, side effects have become a major concern for patients (i.e. Celebrex®, Vioxx® and OxyContin®). By some accounts, hundreds of thousands die annually in the United States due to medical error and adverse side effects, otherwise known as Iatrogenic Disease.

Too often, patients discover Upper Cervical care only after having undergone years of traditional western medicine which has treated the symptoms or effects of their conditions. Prolonged treatments that ignore the cause may permit health problems to progress to the point that they require additional medical and even surgical intervention. This is where Upper Cervical care differs from traditional medicine. Upper cervical care strives to correct the underlying cause of health problems without the use of drugs or surgery, otherwise known as a difference in philosophy.

Doctors who have chosen to specialize in a specific Upper Cervical technique have had extensive post-graduate training and education in the relationship of the head to the neck, or upper cervical spine. This knowledge base, coupled with the latest technology, enables doctors to produce consistent results for patients in the correction of scores of health problems. Through Upper Cervical, whether NUCCA, AO, Orthospinology, Blair, Duff, Kale or Knee Chest, countless patients across the country have achieved a greater state of health without the risk of potentially harmful drugs or surgery.

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