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I apologize for the delayed responses and postings. I thought it was time for an update, though!

The shunt was successfully inserted March 8th, 2016. His short term memories returned in August, 2016.

There are no signs of Dementia or Alzheimer’s now. He recognizes roads we’ve traveled before and has memorized our address and phone numbers.He exercises by walking through the house multiple times each day with his cane, no assistance.

His spirits are good and I see his encouraging side blooming.  He remembers people he’s met since August. Because we chose not to remove the tumor at the Neurosurgeons recommendation last December, some of his memories are still compressed. He has child hood memories, but only inter-mitten synapses of more current decades of memories. He no longer feels lost, but is quite sincere and loving.

We attend a local small country church. The people there are intrigued at his jovial nature and attracted to his smile. We have traveled some in 2017, which we’ve not done since 2012, so that says a lot about his progress!

He enjoys watching   “The Lone Ranger” and “American Pickers” daily, and of course, FOOTBALL!

Anyway, we are both thankful that he is nearing normal and past the nightmare.  We live near our son Dr. Rod Peddy, who keeps his atlas aligned and TN free. That is the biggest blessing!  If you are reading this, we say “Thank you for your prayers, concern and friendship.”

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