System overhaul needed?

Posted by rhonda741

The system seems to have no answers or help for those of us who desire Functional Health Care options or CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine).

The VA told me they could pay for care if I put him in a VA rest home. Senior services in OK said if I want to leave him in a Senior DayCare center ($65-$85) pr day and work a job, they will cover most of the cost.

The Daycare center I visited was nice, but not very socially stimulating. The elderly Alzheimer/Dementia patients were heavily medicated and sat in a chair quietly. I didn’t see any verbal interaction.

Since James is alert, when awake, and not on medications, I have opted to remain a caregiver and not work out of the home. I’m  building a website for the sale of laser and light equipment. I believe God will help us remain financially self-sufficient as we swim up river, against the system.



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