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Entrepreneur, Author, Business adviser for six millionaires, Motivational Speaker and Upper Cervical Advocate

Dr. James Tomasi’s book ‘Feed the Tiger’ details his entrepreneurial adventure, while ‘What Time Tuesday?’ has sold over 120,000 copies world-wide.

An entrepreneur for 31 years in 33 countries, James left business in 1999 to become President of International Christian Servants, a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring physical and spiritual health to suffering humanity. He maintains close personal relationships with Upper Cervical Doctors of Chiropractic and Kingdom-minded businessmen world-wide.

James shared his zest for life, and appreciation of the Power of Upper Cervical as an inspiring speaker at Marketing seminars like AUCCO, Evolution, UCHCA as well as Knee Chest, Sonar, Orthospinology, and NUCCA group seminars. He has impacted students at Life West, Life University, Logan, North West, Palmer, Parker, Minnesota Health Sciences Center, Sherman College, Palmer Florida and Sherman Lyceum by encouraging them to explore the extra training involved in mastering the art and science of Upper Cervical chiropractic.

He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Sherman College by President elect Jon Schwartzbauer and departing President Thom Gelardi in December, 2007 in recognition of his dedicated service. In May, 2008, Sherman College recognized both Dr. James Tomasi and Rhonda Tomasi with a Distinguished Laypersons of the Year Award.

James passionately rekindles hope to desperate, hopeless people. He stresses to Upper Cervical Doctors of Chiropractic that becoming “AS ONE” is necessary to emerge and influence healthcare with the message of Upper Cervical Care.

The story of Upper Cervical grew at a grass roots level when James authored “What Time Tuesday?”. It is in its 9th printing and has over 120,000 copies circulating.

James encourages, prays and listens to thousands of patients annually. He delights in hearing how Upper Cervical changed their lives. His dedication has taken he and Rhonda to nine foreign countries where he’s shared his story on TV, radio and in personal appearance events.

Rhonda holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Management. She was CFO of Telephone Audit services, purchasing agent for Electric jazz and managed 13 businesses that James started in Oklahoma in the 90’s.

Her quest to find relief for chronic pain victims inspired her to pursue multiple sciences and modalities that might help victims of pain experience full relief. Her quest led her into laser, color and frequency certification. She is a certified and licensed technician, and handles sales of multiple class IV lasers. She owns Rapid Relief Solutions,  which sells Laser and LLLT, UV and LED Light units that assist people who do not get a 100% response from UC chiropractic.

Her passion is equal to James’ in sharing the story of Upper Cervical with nations. Rhonda launched Advocate groups in local clinics, speaks on health, is an editor and published Ghost writer, and regularly writes articles on health. She is CFO for ICS, Inc. and President of Upper Cervical Advocates Association. Recently she has integrated Class IV laser therapy and Red light, Blue lights with frequency as a complimentary holistic science to Upper Cervical Chiropractic.

James Tomasi and Rhonda Tomasi teamed with Greg Buchanan in 2007 to launch IUCPAA, the International Upper Cervical Patient Advocates Association.

Highlights of Dr. James Tomasi’s story:

“When I cancelled plans to commit suicide in 1997, I had no idea we would eventually help thousands of people around the world regain health and live normal lives. After years of an embittered battle with “the Beast”, I decided to relinquish the war I’d fought by ending my life. After a 12-year mêlée with the agony of Trigeminal Neuralgia, the unbearable pain robbed me of hope, and my desire to live.

The first spasms began immediately after dental work in 1986. My only relief for several years was the occasional Novocain shot given to deaden the nerve before more dental work.

The disease, better known as the ‘suicide disease’, is an incurable chronic pain nerve condition affecting the three branches of the Trigeminal nerve in the face. Trigeminal Neuralgia is the most painful condition experienced by man, with suicide being the only documented means of lasting relief. Years of medical treatments that included powerful epileptic drugs left me doped like a zombie.

Rhonda researched several major surgeries that would sever the nerve leaving me with facial paralysis, or cover the nerve, which might cause blindness, but they cost in excess of $40,000, while offering limited success. I was running out of time, trying to escape pain that ruled every waking moment.

The ‘traditional’ medicine as well as natural treatments, like dental work, acupuncture, chiropractic and herbal (natural) healing offered only temporary reductions or provided no relief. No remedy or drug lessened the horrible pain inflicted by the excruciating spasms I called ‘the beast’. After 12 years of suffering, the only option that made sense to me was suicide.

One night my wife, Rhonda, heard a radio broadcast by a motivated woman who shared her remarkable, emotion-packed story of a relatively unknown scientific procedure which reduced her crippling Fibromyalgia symptoms.

This turned out to be the very procedure that ultimately ended my pain. My wife scheduled a meeting with an Upper Cervical doctor close to our home. Within three days of the first realignment of my head/neck balance, the pain was greatly reduced, by the third treatment (11 days later), I was pain free!

That lasted for 13 months. I was given a projected time frame for my body to complete the recovery process. I learned that the innate life-force within me would repair the Trigeminal nerve curling through the outer hole of the C2. Once the pressure on the Trigeminal nerve was completely relieved, the pain would be gone completely. This happened just as they explained.

The cost of finding relief equaled the cost for two months of the three drugs I took for over 10 years. I HAVE NOT taken any drugs for pain since 1996. The last year I was weaned from the pharmaceutical drugs to Chinese herbs which I believe helped me hold my correction and respond quicker than if I had remained on the heavy medications.

I completed my check-ups, and now see my doctor on an ‘as needed’ basis. The only recurrences have been following trauma to my head. The spasms leave as soon as I receive  additional evaluation by x-ray and the upper cervical area (C1C2) is corrected again.

For me and my family, Upper Cervical Care is better than insurance. Insurance pays a doctor to take care of us when we get sick. Keeping my head on straight strengthens my immune system, which keeps me from getting diseases. We both believe the knowledge of this science is a gift from God.”

NOTE: As a retired business-man I made people aware of Upper Cervical Care across the nation by doing public service lectures, TV and Radio appearances, as well as speaking in many churches, colleges and clinics for over a decade. Rhonda and I have written several books. “What Time Tuesday?”, chronicles my life with the debilitating disease, and shares with millions world-wide, not only my personal story, but other testimonies of remarkable recovery and healing because of dedicated Upper Cervical specialists.  ‘Feed the Tiger’ is my entrepreneurial life ending with an encounter with Jesus Christ in a prison cell.

Our commitment to Upper Cervical science has taken us as missionaries, alongside these doctors, to many continents. We contend that God heals through avenues of both the super-natural and natural. We consider Upper Cervical a “Pool of Bethesda”.

We don’t want anyone to suffer like we did.  My ‘suicide mission’ ended over fifteen years ago. We’ve met many who have since discovered an end to their personal hopeless situation and regained their health. If someone you know suffers from pain or other health problems consider Upper Cervical Care as a green alternative health option.

NOTE: James was diagnosed in September, 2013 with Dementia/Alzheimers and a large Vestibular Schwannoma – Meningioma  tumor embedded in his TN nerve sheath and the brain stem. The options presented by the Neurosurgeon were to live for 3-5 years with diminishing balance and leg weakness and Dementia or undergo a surgery to remove 80% during multiple surgeries with severe side effects such as possible permanent TN pain and 100% deafness and facial dropsy.

James Tomasi and Rhonda Tomasi carefully considered the options Dr. Hahn advised, and decided to utilize photoluminescence (light therapy) and Homeopathic remedies for 90 days. As they approach the the end of their trial period, these are the changes noted:

  1. After 5 days of Amber light treatments with the Spectrabright, the 5 yr ear drainage, behind the ear the tumor is located, stopped completely. The drainage had never responded to antibiotics nor Homeopathic.
  2. Within 4 weeks there was a noticeable difference in James’ ability to make cognitive decisions. His memory improved to recognize people and memories of childhood emerged as Dementia dropped from a 10 to a 6. His frustration and anger dropped by 50%; he appeared more at peace with the situation and willing to wait out his healing.
  3. After 45 days of Spectrabright light/frequency treatment, Homeopathic energy drops for reducing tumors was added from Dr. Steven Vaughn, Prague, OK , and Twyla of Vital Force in Oklahoma City.
  4. At the 60 day mark, James was able to walk to the end of the end of the block and back 2 times a day. His feet still shuffled, but he could lift his knees without falling. His long term memory began returning with sporadic memories returning. He recognized streets, neighborhoods and his frustration diminished. His awareness of surroundings increased. He could interact with grandchildren.
  5. At 70 days, he stopped shuffling his feet when he walked. He talked intelligently and held conversations without being stressed. He made a 9 hour trip without panic and could read signs and recognized cities. He commented on memories associated with sights and family members. His memory recall is still erratic. He had his first recall of his TN speaking events; for the last 10 months he had no memory of speaking about UC or what he’d done to help thousands recover from TN pain over the last decade.
  6. **We did a follow-up MRI under Dr. Hahn in mid-December. The MRI showed the tumor had stopped growing, and diminished .2 on two planes. We have a follow-up MRI scheduled in September, 2014. We are encouraged at the improvements, and will post updates on James’ recovery as they occurs.

**Note: We do not believe the tumor is connected to all the Dementia symptoms. James’ symptoms of Dementia/Alzheimer occurred following a dental procedure with anesthesia in February, 2012. The recent publications on Dementia linked to anesthesia and autism confirm our belief that he received an overdose which resulted in Dementia.

There is no doubt in our minds that the Light treatment applied to his ear and brain for the tumor are responsible for the ongoing recovery from Dementia. He is currently exhibiting 2 of 10, which is a remarkable decrease. We expect a full recovery of Dementia, as well as remission of the tumor. Some of his childhood memories have returned, but none of his TN experience years. He has cognitive and reasoning skills returning, and short term
memory is vastly improved. Panic attacks are nil, but leg weakness is still present. (Updated Aug, 2014)

WE BELIEVE the reason James had no other symptoms of the tumor for an estimated 15-20 years, was relative to the wonderful Upper Cervical care that controlled the TN pain. The correct alignment also prevented headaches, deafness and swallowing difficulty (esophageal neuralgia), severe tinnitus and eye vision.

At the time of the MRI, he was noticing a slight ringing in the ear, vision blurriness and extreme leg weakness and intense balance issues (inability to walk). To date, the ringing is gone, his vision fine and his balance vastly improved. The Physical Therapist working with him for 9 weeks this year reported that his balance improved on a scale of 56, from 11 to 36. He also had  ‘no hearing loss or tinnitus’ when his hearing was tested 30 days after light treatments started. He still has some leg weakness, but only occasionally shuffles his feet when he walks.

As for the cause, neither of us believe the tumor was a result of Upper Cervical chiropractic. James did consent to a Meninges adjustment recommended by a known proponent of Upper Cervical in 2001. Our speculation is that the tumor may have resulted from that Meninges stretching since it is in the same area, and he commented that he felt a popping and uncomfortable feeling after the event. It could also have developed from a cellular mutation from Asbestos exposure. We are doing Genetic testing to determine best course of action and possible causes.

Meningioma is a tumor that arises from the meninges – the membranes that surround your brain and spinal cord. The majority of meningiomas are benign (noncancerous). Rarely, a meningioma can be malignant (cancerous). Meningiomas occur most commonly in adults, although they can occasionally occur during childhood. Women are more likely to develop a meningioma.
As meningiomas grow larger, symptoms such as headaches, seizures and weakness in the arms and legs may arise. Meningiomas usually grow very slowly, allowing for the brain to compensate with minimal symptoms initially. Changes in vision, such as seeing double or blurriness, are also occasionally associated with meningiomas.

What is a vestibular schwannoma (acoustic neuroma)?

A vestibular schwannoma (also known as acoustic neuroma, acoustic neurinoma, or acoustic neurilemoma) is a benign, usually slow-growing tumor that develops from the balance and hearing nerves supplying the inner ear. The tumor comes from an overproduction of Schwann cells–the cells that normally wrap around nerve fibers like onion skin to help support and insulate nerves. As the vestibular schwannoma grows, it presses against the hearing and balance nerves, usually causing unilateral (one-sided) or asymmetric hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), and dizziness/loss of balance. As the tumor grows, it can interfere with the face sensation nerve (the trigeminal nerve), causing facial numbness. Vestibular schwannomas can also press on the facial nerve (for the muscles of the face) causing facial weakness or paralysis on the side of the tumor. If the tumor becomes large, it will eventually press against nearby brain structures (such as the brain stem and the cerebellum), becoming life-threatening.

He and Rhonda thank those who are faithfully praying for them during this event.

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