Update on the tumor invading James brain

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This is April 30th, 2015. We’re almost 2 years into the diagnosis of the tumor, Aug, 2013. We’ve learned a lot. I’ll keep this short. and post later on what we’ve learned.

James is weak, but can stand without falling over for short periods of time. I assist him to bathe and to get in & out of the bathroom, still.  The MD’s were concerned in July &  January about the weight and muscle tone loss, but offered no suggestions.

We control his TN spasms when he does fall with Upper Cervical. We use Orthospinology, which is a repeatable, instrument adjustment. The pain leaves as soon as his atlas is corrected, so that’s a blessing!

We are waiting on a the Genome testing to determine what type of tumor cell mutation shows up. We have three (3) possible options once we know if it is Nf2 or ?

We tested out of pocket, of course, for his health with Dr. Paul Harris, NP in Tulsa, OK.

The computerized and answer specific tests both showed his adrenal gland functioning at 17% and his Thyroid gland at 12% in late February. We put him on Adrenal Support and Nascient Iodine, increased his protein and specific amino acids. I also increased his Nano Fulvic minerals, liquid B’s and Spheric Liquid C.

A blood test 6 weeks later showed improvement on multiple levels. His energy has increased, and his mental, cognitive clarity is better. We hold conversations!  He will occasionally talk on the phone, too.

Although he requires full time care, we both believe God will provide a way out of the darkness, back into full health. Some days that’s a stretch for James to embrace, but he is agreeing with me more and more.

We read a blog by an RN in 2011 who had an aggressive, cancerous tumor that grew back in spite of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. She went on LDN and her symptoms reduced. A 2nd post said she could walk on her own, had mental clarity and worked in her yard and garden after 45-60 days.

We also have two natural supplements, FDA approved, that we’re considering once the Genome tests results come back.



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