Symptom improvements with oil and light

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The MRI’s in Dec 2013, and July, 2014 indicated the tumor had stopped growing. The first 90 days we used only the Amber Light in the Spectrabright unit. Amber was recommended by Dinshah Ghadiali in his book “Into the Light” written and used in the US from 1923-1943, when he and Royal Rife were closed down by Federal mandates fueled by Morris Fishbein, AMA president.

We implemented 980 nM, 10w laser on the tumor and 4th ventricle lesions from Jan, 2014 to Dec, 2014. Treatment times were every 4-5 days.

In November, 2014, we added MicroBlast and Frankincense Oil in size 00 gel caps 3 x’s a day. We added Dragon’s Blood, in February, and diminished the oils to 2x’s pr day. We began to see mental improvement in clarity and some old memories coming up in December-January. James was alert and attended nightly family visitations at Christmas. This was a huge change from a year earlier, when he slept for 22 hours a day. Since he cannot remember how old he is, when he was born or our address, he is diagnosed with Dementia. I hope this is related to the pressure of the tumor inside the brain, and will improve as the tumor size diminishes.

He still has concern when I’m out of sight, but doesn’t have a panic attack like originally. He’s calmer and accepts if I need to go to the grocery store. I don’t leave him alone because he still falls when he pulls  his pants back up.

He bruises easily from the falls, but the laser application disburses the discoloration with a few days and his skin looks normal again.


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