Brain Tumor Alternatives

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Last Aug, 2014 thru Dec, 2014, I researched alternatives for brain tumors. I discovered several alternatives to complete recision.  Our original option was a 16 hr surgery with 3 surgeons, broken into 2 surgery’s, with a long recovery time. We were guaranteed :

  • Deafness in right ear
  • Palsy or droopy facial muscles on right
  • partial removal with subsequent surgery (tumor was in brain stem and embedded in TN nerve sheath)
  • possible blindness
  • possible headaches
  • possible amnesia or dementia from anesthesia
  • probable TN pain for the remainder of his life
  • And worst case scenario: Death

We considered Monteris, which utilizes light frequencies to implode the tumor cells. Made in Canada, it is available in several hospitals in MI, MO, MA and CA and TX.  Minimal intrusiveness , side effects and recovery time. All three hospitals rejected James because of tumor size.

Endonasal surgical removal was our second choice option. The center of the tumor is removed, and it implodes inward. Minimal to no side effects, short rehabilitation time, no skull entrance, less swelling. Again, the size of the tumor and the lesions disallowed us qualifying for the procedure.

Finally, Novocure ,  pads pulsing alternating frequencies between 100,000 and 300,000 through a mini pad cap applied directly to the head are available through Cancer Centers of America. We didn’t explore this more favorable option, because by March, 2015, we were seeing symptomatic improvement with the oil gel cap regimen. We also had an inner sense that God was driving and would direct our steps to the methodology of His choosing.

As stated, once the genome tests are reviewed, we will consider a MD in AR who has multiple remissions using LDN for cancerous tumors. The NP in AZ has multiple remission cases for cancerous tumors for her FDA approved supplement, also.  Our NP is working with Genome doctors, and will guide us through the next phase.





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